Our mosaics unique pieces created under a delicated technique, using on most occasions feathers´natural own colours, and just on punctual occasions, dyes. On their process partridge, pheasant, guinean hen, mallard, dove, goose feathers and more are used.

Some of this mosaics are flat tapestries, some others bas-reliefs with certain volumen, where feathers are worked on three dimensions. Dimensions vary, small pieces can be combined with silillar ones to create larger compostions, and all our pieces fit to be placed on any kind of surface.

Luna (130 x 75 x 5 cm)

Bas-relief mosaic with mallard and peacock feathers.

Circular mosaics (50 x 50cm)

Bajo la luz: pheasant feathers

Alhambra: partridge feathers

Voces: partridge feathers

Mosaic tiles (21 x 21 cm)

Cubo: Golden pheasant and peacock feathers

Llanta: Asian partridge feather

Pi: Partridge and pheasant feathers

Viento: Mallard feathers

Mar (130 x 70 x 18 cm)

Bas-relief mosaic with dyed goose and pheasant feathers.

Órganos (54 x 42 cm)

Partridge and golden pheasant feathers

Consumación (65 x 70 cm)

Asian partridge and golden pheasant feathers

Moriscos (60 x 35 cm)

Morisco I: Pheasant feathers on silk velvet

Morisco II: Dyed goose and pheasant feathers on silk velvet

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